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Adolescents and Importance in diet

Article: Adolescents and Importance in diet

Adolescents and Importance in diet


Adolescence is a period of rapid growth and body development, and nutrients requirement increase at this stage.
Rice also contains other B vitamins, which are often lost when the rice is washed before and after cooking and during boiling.


Rice should be cooked in the minimum amount of water, for the shortest time possible, until the grains are just tender. If over cooked, the starch gelatinizes and the grains stick together instead of remaining separate.


Maize is generally more resistant to drought and gives a higher yield than wheat and rice. It is grown in many countries and there are many varieties.
Sweetcorn-- The freshly picked cobs are usually boiled and served as a vegetable. The grain can also be removed from the cob before being boiled.

Whole maize meal-- The grains are crushed into meals and used as a type of flour in some countries, such as Maxico. Some of the germ and pericarp can be removed by sieving if required.

Importance in diet:

The nutrient content of maize is similar to that of the other cereals, except that the yellow varieties contain a good supply.
The niacin in maize is in bound form and cannot be efficiently absorbed by the body. This can be overcome, as in the preparation of tortillas in Mexico.
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