Thursday, January 1, 2015

6 Amazing Benefits of Orange

Article: 6 Amazing Benefits of Orange

Orange is an amazing fruit general feel of joy you get from orange is also amazing. The fruit orange which known for boosting the energy is packed with many health benefits also. Here are few healthy effects of oranges.

1 Reduces the risk of cancer:
The citrus limonids in oranges are a proven source of fighting various types of cancer like skin, lung, breast and stomach cancer. Oranges are packed with vitamin C and they are also a good source of potassium that is good for overall health.

2 Reduces cholesterol:
Oranges are rich in pectin and they control the cholesterol level since they are full of soluble fiber.

3 Reduces risk of kidney disease:
Orange juice boosts the level of citrate which is necessary to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Drinking orange juice on regular basis helps in preventing many kidney diseases.

4 Fights against viral and cold:
A study also shows that oranges contain a great quantity of polyphenols that protect us against viral infections. So eat oranges in winters to avoid the seasonal viral.

5 Protect skin:
Oranges protect the skin from free radicals and also prevents the sign of aging. You can even use the orange peel on your face too as it is very good for skin and it gives you a natural glow.

6 Helps in weight loss:
A study proves that those who eat fruits like oranges eat less in comparison with those who eat junk food.

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